Perm 3

  • Large extent of the application, high parameterization of the program, various possibilities of user settings and user definition of computing algorithms
  • Simultaneous processing of more companies (unlimited number of processed companies)
  • Gaining data is easy and well-arranged, transparently organized screens, fast control through menus, icons or hot keys in all the application points
  • History of all time data – displayed data correspond with the selected period
  • Automatic mutual relations among forms – filling in data in one form recalculates data in another form
  • It is possible to define own data items which are not included within the application standard (e.g. number of lunch card, building and office, locker,...)
  • Generator of statements and data exports in forms of documents, excel, dbf, html
  • Comprehensive context help in all the application points and short icon helps
  • Support of electronic communication and “electronization” of all personnel data
  • Communication with Public Administration portal without participation of a third party
  • Support of work in the area of human resources management
  • Support of creation and development of organization, company analyses and modeling in accordance with the dynamics of the company development, planning of future needs
  • Formation of work force and staff profiling, planning and realization of motivation programs and labor efficiency management

System Certification

The PERM3 System complies with the system of attestations IS ČR according to Code 365/2000 and has been certified by the ADA, s.r.o. attestation centre. The awarded Attestation no. 03-20021208 of 24 June 2005 confirms that the product Personalistika a Mzdy – PERM (Human Resources and Wages), version 3, meets the compulsory requirements of standards issued by the Ministry of IT (former Office for Public Information Systems).